voip billing solutions

Star2Billing S.L. provides a full featured Softswitch combined with telecom billing services for any telco that wishes to deploy its own switch to provide either traditional PSTN or leading edge Voice over IP solutions.
Star2Billing provides the A2Billing software to create telecom class 5 softswitches with PSTN and VoIP billing software, which can be used to terminate and bill for calls on the PSTN, VoIP, calling cards and a fulfil a variety of other roles for a Telco.

A2Billing Class 5 Softswitch Roles

An A2Billing Class 5 Softswitch can be provided in a variety of standard configurations to suit popular applications such as calling card services or for ITSP’s selling wholesale VoIP, residential VoIP or and IP-PBX VoIP termination.

Telecom Billing & Termination Services

The A2Billing Softswitch can be used in conjunction with other software to create products suitable for an ITSP with the A2Billing Class 5 Softswitch forming the core of the system. These products include, but are not limited to, hosted PBX solutions, multi-tenant PBX systems, billed conferencing systems, and call-back solutions encompassing ANI, DID, Web-based and IVR based callback trigger methods.

Softswitch Capacity

We don’t quote on capacity figures of a single A2Billing Softswitch as there are no limits built into the software. The maximum capacity is dictated by variables such as the hardware platform and customer’s traffic patterns. The A2Billing Softswitch can easily be scaled up to match demand by distributing the components across multiple servers, which provide capacity to least cost route many concurrent calls for thousands of customers.

Open Source Termination and VoIP Billing Software

We use open source software to create the A2Billing Class 5 Softswitch, so the cost to build a switch for an ITSP VoIP billing company or a calling card operation is often far lower than with proprietary software. As A2Billing supports VoIP, there is no need for investment and associated lead time in provisioning physical landlines, although connection to the PSTN is supported.

By using Star2Billing’s Consultancy and Installation services, a single A2Billing Class 5 Softswitch can be deployed within one working day of access to a suitable hardware, and in many cases, we install on the same day.