VoIP Rating, Mediation and Fulfillment

Rating, Mediation & Fulfillment

Rating is the process by which the calls made by customers are given a cost which can be charged to the customer, either in a postpaid or prepaid configuration. In the case of postpaid services, an invoice has to be sent to the customer detailing the costs of the services they have enjoyed. This process is called mediation and fulfillment. A2Billing has the ability to create invoices that can also be customised to suit the requirements of the A2Billing Administrator.

Additionally, A2Billing provides a customer UI (User Interface) for clients to view, filter and analyse their call detail records. Options are provided to top up and pay invoices online, purchase and provision DID, coupled with a wealth of other self management features that add value to the services provided by the telco, and reduce administrative costs for A2Billing Administrators.

Invoices can be created to reflect prepayments for prepaid services, as well as preparing invoices for postpay traffic. A2Billing can email customers with details about their invoice, which can be downloaded and printed from the Customer UI.

There are also options for subscriptions for other services which may be bundled with the telephony products, as well as DID rental charges and a wealth of other charging options and features.

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