Autumn Review

Dear All,

Since Star2Billing’s inception in 2009, initially formed to provide commercial support and installation services for its open source switch and billing system, A2Billing (, we created a range of other products either by blending A2Billing with other open source products as in the case of our popular multi-tenant hosted PBX system, or built innovative new products such as CDR-Stats ( to analyse call data records and Newfies-Dialer ( for voice broadcasting and autodialling.

A2Billing is a probably the leading open source telecom billing solution and its capabilities and features rival many proprietary systems and has been described as “a business in a box” capable of providing wholesale, business and residential VoIP services, calling card, call-back and DID resale. Anyone just starting out might consider our A2Billing Managed Install described at

Greater capacity can be provided by building a distributed system with Opensips to load balance calls across multiple telephony servers, consider the Enterprise systems described at

Our Hosted PBX or IP-Centrex system is one of our more popular products, blending A2Billing, FreePBX and virtualisation to provide a scalable multi-tenant PBX system at an economical cost. To read more about this, see

Our clients include large and small scale telcos all over the world, we have also delivered projects, for local and national government and educational establishments including a notable university, on time and on budget.
Popular products :

- Calling Card Solutions:

- Call-back:

- VoIP Termination Residential:

- VoIP Termination IP-PBX:

- Wholesale VoIP:

- IP-Centrex:

- Multi-tenant PBX system:

- Voice Broadcasting and Auto-Dialer:

For more information about Star2Billing’s products and services, please see or contact us at [email protected]

Yours faithfully,

The Star2Billing Team

CDR-Stats Version 2 Released

After a long period of testing, Star2Billing has released version 2 of CDR-Stats.

CDR-Stats is a free and open source multi-tenant call data analysis and reporting system with live statistics and threat reporting. This latest version has been rebuilt to be scalable, handle millions of CDR and provide reports and searches quickly and efficiently.

CDR-Stats may be considered for:

- Telcos to analyse their own CDR
- Displaying call data to their customers
- Centralising call data from multiple PBX’s
- Department heads to view their subordinate’s calls
- Detecting & reporting suspicious call patterns

Features include:

MongoDB: Built on MongoDB, a scalable database system with many enterprise features, capable of handling massive quantities of data efficiently.

Flexible Deployment: CDR-Stats can be deployed on the same hardware as the telephony server or on a separate server with multiple telephony systems feeding call data to CDR-Stats.

Single & Multi-server Architecture: Can be scaled from reporting on a single PBX’s call data to a large telco running a farm of telephony servers.

Custom Alarms: automated triggers to fire notifications when unusual call activity is detected which may indicate fraud.

Realtime Reporting: Number of calls in progress are reported in realtime with historical concurrent calls reports for supported platforms. (Asterisk / Freeswitch)

Extensibility: Connectors can be developed to allow both proprietary and open-source telecoms systems to deliver call data into CDR-Stats (contact us for more details)

Simple Install: CDR-Stats has extensive documentation and automated installation scripts with support from the CDR-Stats community.

Professionally Supported: Installation, support, training and software development services are available from Star2billing. Contact us for more details.

For more information about CDR-Stats, including automated installation scripts, screen shots, and extensive documentation, see the CDR-Stats website at

World-Map Call Reporting

2011 : The Year in Review

Star2billing have had an incredible 2011 which seems to have flown by. We have new products that have been released, existing products updated, and other products under development.

Newfies-Dialer Launched

Work began on Newfies-Dialer at the beginning of the year, a mass voice broadcasting and auto-dialer software used for emergency broadcasting, telemarketing and a range other applications.

Newfies-Dialer Dashboard

Newfies-Dialer Dashboard

We announced Newfies-Dialer in April, and after much development and testing, is ready for production. It is a well rounded product with a great deal of potential for all organisations and telecoms service providers that need to broadcast voice messages to a large number of people in a short space of time.

We have spent a lot of time on the documentation for developers and users alike, including a beginners guide so anyone can build a Newfies-Dialer system with our automated installation scripts and get involved.

CDR-Stats Updated

CDR-stats 1.4, the replacement for Asterisk-Stat used in FreePBX for CDR reporting, has been released, and again we provide installation scripts that have been tested on the major FreePBX based aggregations.

Daily CDR report

CDR-Stats - Call Statistics

The CDR-Stats tool is a useful addition to the IP-PBX systems integrator, as it allows provides detailed reporting on Call Data Records and Statistics for the end customer.

A2Billing Enhanced

A2Billing has also been updated, providing even more functionality, especially for DID resale. Updates have been made in respect of security and usability, and we would encourage anyone not using the latest version, currently 1.9.4, to upgrade.

A2Billing, VoIP Billing Software

A2Billing, VoIP Billing Software

New Development

We are still busy developing the next generation of A2Billing, as well as an SMS system designed for providing web based SMS messages to end customers and wholesale operations as well as adding new features and functionalities to Newfies-Dialer.

We are looking forward to 2012 and we would like to wish our customers and users, past present and future, the season’s greetings and a fantastic new year.


Areski, Joe, and the Star2Billing Team

CDR-Stats 1.3.0 released

Star2Billing are pleased to announce the release of CDR-Stats 1.3

CDR-stats is a replacement for Asterisk-Stats, first released over eight years ago by Areski, The Author of CDR-Stats. Anyone who has used the Call Data Reports in FreePBX will be familiar with Asterisk-Stats as this forms the core of CDR reporting in FreePBX.

CDR-Stats allows reports to be generated in different formats over varying time periods with filters and graphs to compare periods of traffic.

Version 1.3 of CDR-Stats includes a number of enhancements such as providing ACL access to CDR so that users can be controlled in what they are allowed to see. There is more information, screen prints and instructions at

Many of the FreePBX aggregations do not implement ACL access, so if a PBX administrator wants to give access to users to inspect the PBX CDR, then access to the whole PBX is unavoidable, therefore installing CDR-Stats alongside an existing system will allow users to analyse their CDR without compromising the rest of the configuration.

A script to install CDR-Stats on CentOS / Asterisk / FreePBX or Asterisk-Stats systems has been included to make installation quick and easy for users of AsteriskNow, Trixbox, Elastix, and PBX in a Flash.

We invite you to download and install CDR-Stats. If you have any difficulties, or need assistance with the installation, then commercial support is available from Star2Billing.


Areski, Joe and the Star2Billing Team

A2Billing 1.8.5 and CDR-Stats 1.2.0

It has been a while since we have last posted, but that is not a reflection on the work that has been going on here. We have been very busy with new development on A2Billing and our other projects.

Version 1.8.5 of A2Billing has been released over one month ago, and this includes a fantastic new feature long awaited in A2Billing. A Leg Billing.

A2Billing now has the capability to bill the ingress link or A-Leg on a DID. So for instance, where you want to resell toll-free DID to your customers, you can now place an ingress charge on the inbound leg and add it to the B-Leg, or egress charge.

We have made this new feature even more flexible to account for resale of premium rated and revenue share numbers. We allow negative rates to be entered, which means that customers can accrue credit each time that someone calls their premium rated number.

We have moved our development onto Github, where we are in very good company with such open source projects as Android, the Open Source Mobile Phone Operating System. All future A2Billing development will take place here, and you can easily see the progress being made on the Github interface.

The latest version of A2Billing, 1.8.5 can now be downloaded from Github .

Also released is CDR-Stats 1.2.0, which includes some bug fixes, and we have included a shell script to install CDR-Stats on CentOS based FreePBX systems.

As we start 2011, we look forward to telling you about the new projects and products we have in development over the coming months.


The Star2Billing Team

Back From Astricon 2010

Star2Billing was kindly invited by Digium to attend Astricon in Washington DC this year where they donated an Open Source stand, sharing the floor with such Open Source notables as the FreePBX, Astlinux, OpenBTS, The 2600 Project, and The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group.

Our special thanks go to John Mullinux of and Steve Henke of, both stalwarts of The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group. Not only did they arrange to print our advertising collateral, they also picked us up from the airport after an epic drive from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Although one of the main things we came to talk about was A2Billing, but there was a great deal of interest in our CDR-Stats project, the latest version of which (1.1.0) has been recently released, that allows the analysis and reporting on Asterisk CDR. We expect to be releasing install scripts for Asterisk, and various FreePBX /Asterisk aggregations.

Also on display, and creating a lot of interest was the new Mesh Potato, a mesh wireless device, and combined with an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter), just brought back from South Africa, where Areski, our Technical Director has been assisting with the Village Telco charity, see

We also previewed Pow2Wow, and web based conference manager for Asterisk, which we expect to release early in the new year replacing one of Areski’s earliest open source projects, WebMeetme.

We were however at Astricon to talk about A2Billing, and we were pleased to meet a large number of A2Billing users and customers, as well as some of the stars in the Asterisk world, such as Allison Smith, the voice of Asterisk, David Duffet, probably the world’s most prolific Asterisk trainer, Mark Spencer who should need no introduction, and some of the Asterisk development team such as Russell Bryant, Leif Madsen and Olle Johansson, to name a few.
Also at the conference, Digium made a number of announcements:-

  • A new Wiki at
  • Asterisk 1.8 released, supported for at least the next four years, with lots of valuable additions.
  • Asterisk SCF  (Scalable Communications Framework) where seamless fail-over to another server was demonstrated, mid conference call! Clearly this has huge implications for A2Billing, and we will keep you informed as this project develops.

We look forward to seeing our friends in The Asterisk Community at next year’s Astricon as well as any of our customers, past present or future. We highly recommend a visit.

Yours truly,

Areski, Joe and the Star2Billing Team.

Star2Billing News – Lots to tell!

A2Billing 1.8.1 -

A2Billing 1.8.1 has been released. It includes the usual round of bug fixes, as well as some new call-back features sponsored by our customers, one being the way we answer the call to make A2Billing more compatible with Mobile Phone Call-Back Dialler software, and another feature called IVR call-back, where the customer is prompted for the number to call first, then the system calls them back and connects them. This feature was designed to circumvent tone clamping which some operators use to prevent call-back services from working.

Additionally, A2Billing has been updated to support PHP 5.3, one of the reasons for this is that Star2Billing are adopting Ubuntu LTS 10.0.4 Server edition as the base operating system for our commercial installs. Initial tests on this new operating system have been very pleasing.

CDR-Stats 1.1.0 -

Some months ago, we released version 1 of CDR-Stats, to replace the 8 year old Asterisk–Stat. Development of CDR-Stats has continued apace, and we are now pleased to release version 1.1.0

This release includes a number of new features, including Concurrent Calls, and an interactive Global Statistics feature, as well as ACL login to restrict which CDR a user can see and what he can do. Additionally, CDR can be imported from other systems and CDR-Stats used to analyse the CDR. We will be releasing shell scripts to assist anyone who wants to install this for themselves on their own PBX and Asterisk installations. Watch the news at for more details on these as they are released.

Astricon 2010 -

Star2Billing have been given an Open Source desk by Digium at Astricon in Washington this year, and both Joe and Areski will be attending. We would be pleased to meet any of our customers and users, past present or future. Drop us an email at [email protected] to arrange to meet.

VoIP2Day 7th October 2010 -

Star2Billing have been invited to speak on their popular IP-Centrex and Multi-Tenant PBX solution at the VoIP2Day conference in Madrid, and will be giving an overview of how this product is assembled out of Open Source components including A2Billing.

The Village Telco Project -

Areski is flying down to South Africa this week to see the official launch of the Village Telco Project which is sponsored by the Shuttleworth Foundation. To read more about Mesh Potatoes, and the purpose of this charity, see Star2Billing have done a lot of development of A2Billing to assist this project, the most recent of which was to introduce an IVR so you could phone your A2Billing platform and hear the daily statistics in terms of calls, minutes, and profit.


At the end of this month, Star2Billing S.L. celebrates one year of trading, while A2Billing has been going for nearly 6 years now, and CDR-Stats (formerly known as Asterisk-stat) about 8 years. We are going from strength to strength as you may infer from this lengthy newsletter; so we offer our thanks to the continued support of our Community and our Customers. That’s all for now, keep an eye on Twitter (@a2billing), our forums, and our new Star2Billing News Page at for recent developments.

Star2Billing Releases CDR-Stats

Star2Billing S.L. The creators of the open source Telecom Switch and Billing system, A2Billing, are pleased to announce a brand new release of CDR-Stats (formerly known as Asterisk-Stat).

CDR-Stats is a free – in both senses of the word – web based CDR (Call Data Records) display and analysis application and is licensed under the AGPL. An optional commercial license to allow the incorporation of CDR-Stats into proprietary products, where an Open Source license may be incompatible, is also available.

Previous versions of CDR-Stat, although popular as a standalone CDR analyser for Asterisk, have also been incorporated into proprietary and open source applications, most notably as the CDR display and analysis section of FreePBX, which has been downloaded over 5 million times, and is estimated to be in use in half a million PBX systems all over the world.

CDR-Stats has been renamed from Asterisk-Stat to reflect the fact that it can be developed to be telephony engine agnostic, and development is currently underway to support Freeswitch. Other telephony engines may be added as demand dictates.

CDR-Stats is built using the open source Django python based framework which enables the building of clean, maintainable web applications, and encourages rapid development with a clean and pragmatic design, which in turn, we hope  will encourage community support and development of CDR-Stats.

More information, documentation and installation guides for CDR-Stats can be found at and commercial support and installation services are available from Star2Billing S.L.


The Star2Billing Team.