Star2Billing's Open Source Philosophy

Star2Billing S.L. was officially set up in November 2009 to develop and support open source telephony products including A2Billing, Newfies-Dialer and CDR-Stats. We aim to remove the common perception that open source products lack formal support by providing consultancy, installation services and training to the highest possible standards, while still catering for those, like us, who believe in the concept of open source software.

Our software software is free in both senses of the word, in that the license allows the application to be modified under the terms of the license, and we give our software away free of charge, and therefore has been downloaded and installed on many thousands of servers, generating revenue for their owners. This gives us a huge installed user base who will tell us if we have made a mistake, and in some cases, even fix the error or the bug and pass the fix back to us.

Because the source code is clearly visible, as are all the changes made to the underlying code, it is possible to audit the system for both functionality and security.

Our core telephony applications will always be free and open source  because we value the help and support we, and our users, get from the community, and we firmly believe that everyone gets a better product because of it.