Hosted PBX

Star2billing’s IP-Centrex or Hosted PBX system has been developed by blending various technologies such as virtualisation, PBX software, and A2Billing in a secure and stable manner, resulting in one of Star2billing’s most popular products.

Hosted PBX

The Hosted PBX solution is designed for companies and VARs (Value Add Resellers) who wish to provide hosted PBX services to the general business public.


VARs & Telecoms Companies

Provide PBX services over the Internet to the general business public, and enjoy a revenue stream from PBX rental, telephone number resale and phone calls.


Enjoy enterprise standard PBX services supporting geographically distributed employees with little or no capital outlay.

Core Features

VAR and Telco Benefits

  • Simple Configuration – PBX has a well documented user interface
  • Fast Deployment – Add new PBX’s with a simple wizard.
  • Scalable – Simply add more virtualisation servers to scale system
  • New Revenue Streams:
    • PBX rental
    • Call Termination
    • DID Resale
    • Support, adds moves and changes
    • VoIP telephones
  • Customer Retention – You provide the customer’s telephone numbers
  • Simple Deployment – For any customer with suitable broadband

Customer Benefits

  • The blowfish effect – Customer can seem larger than they really are.
  • Low investment – No expensive PBX services or lines to finance.
  • Simple to Use – Well documented and flexible user interface
  • Range of PBX features:
    • IVR system for skills based routing
    • Voicemail and voicemail to email
    • Time conditions
    • Follow-Me and Call transfers
    • Ring Groups and Queues
    • Call Conferencing
  • Self Management – Manage your own PBX
  • Supports home working – Connect from a suitable broadband connection

Technical Details

Star2billing’s hosted PBX is usually installed on two physical servers, one for A2Billing, and the other server for the virtual instances of the PBX. A fixed public IP address is required for each instance of the PBX.

The each PBX is configured with a SIP trunk to A2Billing which in turn least cost routes the call to the carriers and charges for the call.

Hosted PBX Installation

Full Training included
  • Monthly Licensing Fee: €0
  • Install Commences: One working day
  • Training: On A2Billing and the PBX
  • Deployment Support: 8 Hours over the first month
  • Ongoing Support: Optional with contract
  • Servers Required:
  • Extensions: ±100’s
  • Discounts: Available on the basis of a reduced support and training commitment

For landlords requiring a multi-tenant PBX solution for hosted office suites, please see our Multi-Tenant PBX.

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