Licensing, Rebranding and White-labelling

The majority of Star2Billing’s Software is distributed under an open source license which gives users the freedom to view and modify the source code, and use our software to create derivatives or larger works which include our software.

The licenses we use for our software requires that the author, copyright and license information must be left intact and where the software has been modified, this information is to be displayed wherever it is originally displayed in interface, and to be left intact in the source code.

However, it is understood that for commercial reasons that our customers may not want to disclose the origins of the software to the end user, for this we offer two options:

  1. A permission to rebrand, this allows you to remove the license, author and copyright from any publicly viewable interface, but not to insert your own copyright, and to make any UI design changes you wish.
  2. A permission to rebrand plus a template designed and installed on your server. The template will include your logo and the design will be based on your corporate image.

Our template design service is available for Newfies-Dialer and CDR-Stats but is not yet available with A2Billing.

Select Permission only or Permission + Template Design