A2Billing is a full featured telecoms switch with inline billing suitable for telecoms companies of all sizes.

It is truly a “Telecom Business in a Box” allowing businesses to sell a range of telecom based products.


The A2Billing Switch is a class 5 softswitch with inline billing, and can provide the following services:

Calling cards

Pre-paid and post-paid calling card services with a range of benefits useful for providing phone card services.

DID Resale

Reselling of telephone numbers delivered either via VoIP or the PSTN with flexible monthly and per-minute charges with features for selling premium rated and non-geographic

VoIP Services

Pre-paid and Post-Paid VoIP services for wholesale, business and residential markets.


A range of call-back services including ANI call-back and web callback.

Main Features

User Interfaces


Multi-Lingual web interfaces
Administrator’s Portal
Commission Agent Portal
Customer self-service portal
Sign-up online
Historical switch performance statistics
Intrusion and security alert dashboard

Customer Management


Prepaid and postpaid accounts
Credit limit notifications by email
Customer history and CRM
Multi currency support
Multi-language support on interface
Invoicing & Payments
Voucher Top-up & Paypal Support
Free minute Package offers



IAX2 and SIP Protocol supported
Flexible VoIP authentication methods
Caller ID manipulation
Multiple codecs
Multiple VoIP CPE per customer account
Line Cards, PRI / BRI / GSM
SIP / GSM gateway support
Failover trunk  capability

Calling Card & Call-Back


Bulk generation of phone cards
PIN & Caller ID authentication
Flexible IVR options
Multi-language support
Call-back A and B-leg billing
Web and ANI based call-back
Speed dials & Follow on calls

DID Resale Support


A-Leg billing per minute and connection charge.
B-Leg Billing with delivery via VoIP or PSTN
On-Net calling with optional charging
Revenue share DID accounting
Detailed statistics

Rating Engine


Simple rate deck management
Least Cost Routing
Automatic selection of route across multiple carriers
Carrier rates for carrier reconciliation and accounting
Sell Rates with multiple options, including stepped billing
Historical Reporting, ASR / ALOC / CIC

Technical details

A2Billing can be installed on a single Linux server providing some hundreds of concurrent calls, or installed on a multi-server system for greater capacity with the potential for thousands of concurrent calls, alternatively high numbers of calls per second from call-centres and auto-dialer systems. The A2Billing Switch includes:

  •  Well tested and stable Installation
  • Enhanced security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Optimised for capacity
  • Stable and reliable
  • Upgradeable with little or no downtime
  • Detailed product training
  • Assistance with product design and development
  • 8 hours deployment support in the first month
  • Historical performance metrics
  • Installation in one working day or better
  • An optional range of add-ons and enhancements


A2Billing Switch comprising:

  • Installation onto your hardware
  • Training video, materials and one to one training as required.
  • 8 hours deployment support
  • Choose your own carriers and DID providers
  • No ongoing fees

Price: €975 Euro.

The A2Billing Enterprise switch is for large scale deployments of calling card, VoIP or DID Resale and can handle thousands of concurrent calls.  The Enterprise version has all of the features of the A2Billing Switch and comprises of the following servers:

  • 1 x SIP proxy providing NAT traversal, Load Balancing and failover support.
  • 2 or more telephony servers handling traffic and media
  • 1 x Database server
  • 1 x Web-server for administration, agent access, customer portal and sign-up pages

5 server system comprising a SIP proxy, two telephony servers, one database server, one web server, €2975 Euro

Enquire for larger systems, the price depends on scale.

The A2Billing Hosted switch has all the features of the A2Billing switch with the benefit of ongoing monthly support.

A2Billing Hosted Switch comprising:

  • Hosted in Europe or North America
  • 8 hours deployment support  and training in the first month
  • Training video, materials and one to one training as required.
  • Limited ongoing support
  • Choose your own carriers and DID providers

€475 Euro setup plus €225 Euro per month

Price Sheets

Enterprise A2Billing Switch

  • Monthly Fee: € 0
  • Install commences: Two Working Days
  • Basic Training: Yes
  • Deployment Support: 8 Hours
  • Ongoing support: With Contract
  • Servers Required: 4 or 5
  • Capacity: ±1000’s

Hosted A2Billing Switch

  • Monthly Fee: €225 Euro
  • Install commences: <= 72 hours
  • Basic Training: Yes
  • Deployment Support: 8 Hours
  • Ongoing support: Included
  • Servers Required: None
  • Capacity: ±300

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