Class 5 Switch

A class 5 switch is defined as a switch to which end users and subscribers connect. The switch provides telephone services direct to customers and is involved in providing subscriber type functions such as dial tone and engaged tones.

Diagram of a Class 5 Switch

Star2Billing’s A2Billing switch can provide class 5 services and includes inline billing as well.

With an A2Billing Class 5 switch, you can provide prepaid and postpaid VoIP, calling card, Call-back and DID resale services to the general public, the business public and wholesale minutes to and from other telcos.



Provide VoIP termination and origination.

Calling Cards

Calling card services with a range of charging options.

DID Resale

Resell telephone numbers.


ANI call-back and web based call-back.

Core Features


  • Flexible product creation with powerful rate management.
  • Online Sign-up
  • Paypal integrated
  • Switch performance statistics
  • P & L statistics
  • Intrusion and security alerts
  • Commission Agent Portal supporting affiliate marketing


  • Customer self service portal
  • Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Credit Limit notifications
  • Customer history and CRM system
  • Multi-language supported
  • Online Payments
  • DID purchase online

Technical Features

The A2Billing class 5 switch can be deployed in a number of environments and supports different protocols and codecs:

  • IAX2 and SIP supported
  • Connectivity to the PSTN via line cards
  • Flexible VoIP Authentication Methods


  • Caller ID Manipulation
  • Support for multiple codecs
  • Failover trunk capacity

Products to consider

The A2Billing Switch is a full featured class 5 VoIP and calling card platform with the flexibility to create a range of telecoms products and services and can be installed on a single server to allow hundreds of concurrent calls, or on a multi-server system allowing almost unlimited numbers of concurrent calls.

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