CDR-Stats is a telecoms call data record analysis application designed for CDR mediation, analysis, reporting, and call rating.




CDR Mediation

Convert CDR into a standard format

Call Rating

Introducing call rating

CDR Aggregation

Collect CDR from a number of switches

CDR Analysis

Analysis and reporting of calls


Fraud Detection

Detect unusual patterns of calls indicating fraud


Allow customer to view only their calls

Core Features

  • Multi-Tenant – Customers can interrogate their own CDR
  • Auto-import – Collect CDR from multiple telecom switches
  • Manual Import – Import CDR from third-party switches
  • Analysis – Comprehensive searching and filtering options
  • Alerts – Detect changes in traffic patterns


  • Fraud Detection – Flag suspect destinations and unusual call patterns
  • Reporting – Pre-configured emailed reports
  • Destination Tags – Identify destinations from dialed digits.
  • Graphical Tools – Graphical representation of calls
  • Rating – Introducing simple call rating

Products to consider

Consider Star2Billing’s CDR-Stats platform installed on a single server to aggregate call data records and use the provided tools to mediate, rate and analyze CDR.

Contact us to purchase an installation of CDR-Stats with training and deployment support.

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