Call Back Solutions

Call-back services are often used in countries where the cost of making an international call is very expensive, and the customer can save money by launching a call from another country, then being presented with secondary dial-tone so that they can make an outbound call.


Call-Back services can be pre-paid or post-paid and work as follows:

  1. Customer makes call to trigger number.
  2. Caller ID is captured and immediately hung-up.
  3. A few seconds later, a call is made back to the Customer using the caller ID.
  4. Customer answers, and is prompted for the number to call.

The cost of the call is calculated by adding the A-Leg cost to the B-Leg cost.


ANI Call-Back

The call-back is launched by calling the trigger number. When the return call is made, the customer is identified either by their caller ID or by a PIN. The customer’s balance is optionally read out, and then prompted for the number to call.

IVR Call-back

IVR Call-back is a method used to get round tone clamping. The customer calls an IVR, enters the number they want to call, then the call is hung-up. A few seconds later the customer gets a call-back and and on answer, is connected to the called party.

Core Features

  •  A-Leg + B-Leg billing either from answer time of A Leg or B leg.
  • Flexible charging optionsincluding stepped charging, connection and disconnection fees and service charges.
  • Pre-paid or post-paid support
  • Bulk Creation of call-back phone cards
  • Customer Web Portal for payments and account activity
  • Online Sign-up via a web page.
  • Paypal Integrated

Web Call-Back

The customer interface has a web callback interface where the customer enters their own number and the number they want to call. A call is launched to the customer, and on answer, the customer is connected to the number they entered into the web interface.

DID Call-back

DID call-back is used where the customer’s caller ID is not delivered reliably. A separate DID is assigned to each customer, that they call to trigger their callback. The call-back is triggered to the customer’s predefined telephone number. On answer the customer enters the number to call.

  • Top-up with voucher via IVR and Customer Portal
  • Commission Agent & Reseller support
  • Multi-Language IVR and Customer Portal
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Follow-on calls and last number redial
  • Speed Dials
  • Flexible call-back configuration options

Products to consider

The A2Billing Switch is a full featured call-back platform with the flexibility to create a range of call-back products. A2Billing can be installed on a single server to allow hundreds of concurrent calls, or on a multi-server system allowing almost unlimited numbers of concurrent calls.

The A2Billing Switch also supports VoIP, DID resale and Calling Card services.

Click to find out more about The A2Billing Switch and to purchase installation, training and deployment support.

Click to find out more about The A2Billing Switch