Newfies-Dialer is a Voice broadcasting & Auto Dialer Platform

Newfies-Dialer is mass SMS and Voice broadcasting platform used for marketing, appointment reminders, emergency notifications and dissemination of information by phone.
Newfies-Dialer Customer Dashboard


Live Lead Generation

Call contacts and offer to put them through to an agent.

Appointment Reminders

Remind contacts of upcoming appointments.

Sales and Marketing

Play pre-recorded messages by phone.

Phone Polling, Surveys and Voting

Carry out opinion polls and market research.

Core Features

  • Live Lead Generation – Press one live transfers to an agent
  • Flexible IVR System – build complex IVR trees to collect and record information
  • High Capacity – tested at 1 million calls in under 5 hours.
  • Voicemail Detection – Detect voicemail and drop the message in after the beep
  • Realtime Reporting – Capacity monitoring and other other key indicators.
  • Adaptive Web pages – Manage the system from a range of devices
  • User Friendly – Intuitive web based customer and management interfaces.
  • API integration – Integrate with other systems
  • SMS and Voice – Supports SMS and Voice broadcasting
  • Appointment Reminders – Set appointment reminders by phone.
  • Scalable – Multi-server architecture available for very high capacity.

Technical Details

Newfies-Dialer can be installed on a single Linux server allowing hundreds of concurrent calls and hundreds of calls per minute, or on a multi-server system handling thousands of concurrent calls and thousands of calls per minute.

  • Support and training
  • No minimum term contract
  • Choose your own VoIP provider
  • Voice & SMS broadcasting supported
  • White Labeled (>= 250CC Plan Only)
  • Voicemail Detection
  • After-the-Beep message drop
  • Press-1 Dialing & live transfers
  • Detailed Campaign Analytics
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Customer Billing (Credit Card and Paypal ready)
  • Developer APIs
  • Auto-Redial
  • Text to Speech

Newfies-Dialer systems can be installed on your server or ours. Using our server guarantees the stated number Concurrent Calls (CC), and we don’t charge anything extra for our servers, it’s all included in the price.

  • 50CC – 50 Concurrent Calls: $200 USD per month
  • 100CC – 100 Concurrent Calls: $300 USD per month
  • 250CC – 250 Concurrent Calls: $550 USD per month
  • 500CC – 500 Concurrent Calls: $900 USD per month
  • 1000CC – 1000 Concurrent Calls: $1500 USD per month
  • 2000CC – 2000 Concurrent Calls: $2650 USD per month

Newfies-Dialer can scale well beyond 2000 channels, if you need a very high capacity voice broadcasting system, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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