Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is used in a variety of applications from sales and marketing campaigns, emergency broadcasting and dissemination of information by phone.

Telephony Broadcasting


Live lead generation

Call contacts and transfer them to a live agent.

SMS broadcasting

Send SMS to contacts.

Phone Polling, surveys and voting

Carry out opinion polls and market research.

Outbound Call Conferencing

Call many people and place them in a conference.

Appointment Reminders

Send reminders by SMS or voice, recurring and single reminders supported.

Debt Control

Contact debtors to remind them to pay.

Core Features

  • Flexible IVR System – build complex IVR trees to collect and record information
  • High Capacity – tested at 1 million calls in under 5 hours.
  • Voicemail Detection – Detect voicemail and drop the message in after the beep
  • Realtime Reporting – Capacity monitoring and other other key indicators.
  • Scalable – Multi-server architecture available for very high capacity.


  • Adaptive Web pages – Manage the system from a range of devices
  • User Friendly – Intuitive web based customer and management interfaces.
  • API integration – Integrate with other systems
  • SMS and Voice – Supports SMS and Voice broadcasting
  • White-labeled – Put your own brand on it
  • Multi-User – Suitable for hosted SMS and Voice Broadcast service providers

Products to consider

Consider the Newfies-Dialer SMS and Voice Broadcast system designed for capacity and speed, available in single server or multi-server configurations for very high capacity.

Click to find out more about the Newfies-Dialer SMS and Voice Broadcasting System.

Click to find out more about the Newfies-Dialer SMS and Voice Broadcasting System