Providing VoIP and DID resale services to the general business public should be considered by both telecoms companies and existing IT companies who are already deploying IP-PBX systems their customers.

PBX termination

Providing VoIP termination and DID resale to the business public can provide a valuable ongoing revenue stream in addition to the initial IP-PBX installation and maintenance contract as well as assisting with customer retention.


VoIP Termination

Reduce customer’s telephone bills by routing calls via voice over IP.

IP-PBX support

Terminate calls from almost any SIP enabled PBX system.

DID Resale

Offer worldwide telephone numbers.


Add more capacity as and when required, to support call-centres and auto-dialers.

Core Features

  • Flexible charging options including connection and disconnection charges and stepped billing.
  • Package minutes, with free calls or minutes to selected destinations
  • Least cost routing via the cheapest carrier
  • Carrier failover
  • Set Trunk capacitylimits
  • Online customer portal
  • Online sign-up as standard
  • DID resale with online purchase, monthly and per minute billing
  • Email low balance notifications
  • Caller ID delivery and manipulation
  • Flexible authentication methods
  • Optional Channel Limit for DID
  • Optional limiting concurrent calls per customer
  • Customer grouping for easier management and control
  • Commission agent support
  • Detailed reporting and statistics.
  • Scalable  
  • Load balancing with multi-server systems
  • Auto-Failover with multi-server systems

Products to consider

The A2Billing Softswitch, with its vast array of configuration options, can be used to create imaginative and profitable products, and is ideally suited for existing telecoms and IT companies wishing to enter the VoIP market, as well as new start-ups who wish to deploy a VoIP switch and billing platform quickly and at very low cost.

The A2Billing Switch also supports calling card and call-back services.

A2Billing Switch

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