Star2Billing is a Telecom Solution Provider, with its revenue coming from installation, training, support and development services on our products.

We’ve adopted a largely open source model for commercial reasons as it gives us a huge and free user testing base, some of whom contribute back with comments, bug fixes and documentation, as well as helping to market our products and services. Some users also appreciate the open source nature to do their own development.

We have many thousands of people using our products, with hundreds of paying customers requesting upgrades, support and development work, as well as new business.

We formed Star2Billing in 2009, as a vehicle provide commercial support for A2Billing. We’ve added two more products, and improved revenue year on year while tightly managing costs, growing the company on its own revenues rather than via investment.

Our core products consist of:

  • Newfies-Dialer: a multi-tenant mass SMS and Voice Broadcasting system based on Freeswitch, used for telephone marketing, surveying and emergency notifications.
  • CDR-Stats: A CDR analysis platform that can mediate and rate CDR from a variety of 3rd party switches and PBX systems, presenting the data to users in a friendly format.
  • A2Billing:  This is our most mature product and is a switch based on Asterisk with inline billing, accounting, credit control, LCR and a wide variety of other features.

Star2Billing could develop their products, and therefore revenue, faster with more programming and sales resources. With the growing accessibility to small / medium telco businesses deploying IP PBX / Switch systems for their customers, we believe the future for telco billing systems is bright.

For this reason, we are looking for investors and partners to help take Star2billing S.L onto the next level.

If you are interested in investing or partnering with Star2billing, please contact us.