Star2Billing Solutions

Star2Billing have created a range of solutions for telecommunication companies, telephone marketing, market research, political polling and other telco related sectors.

VoIP Services

  • Residential VoIP – Providing VoIP services to residential sector.
  • Business VoIP – Providing VoIP services to the SME market.
  • Wholesale Telecoms – Terminating high volumes of traffic from other telcos
  • DID Resale – Sell and redirect telephone numbers to residential, business and wholesale customers.
  • SIP Proxy – Used in the highest capacity environments, and to provide NAT traversal.
  • Softphones for Smart Phones – Branded VoIP phones on smartphones for the competitive edge.


Telco Billing

  • VoIP Billing – Billing calls for the Residential, Business and Wholesale VoIP markets.
  • Class 5 Switch – Terminate, originate and bill calls all on the same class 5 switch.
  • CDR Mediation – Aggregate CDR (Call Data Records) and convert them to a common format for billing.
  • CDR Analysis – Tools to identify patterns and trends in CDR as well as flag potential fraud indicators.
  • CDR-Rating – Rate call data records from a variety of sources.

Phone Card Providers

  • Calling Cards – Provide low cost international calling card services.
  • Callback – Provide ANI, DID and Web Callback based products.

PBX Systems Integrators and Value Add Service Providers

  • IP-Centrex – Sell hosted virtual PBX solutions to the general business public.
  • Multi-Tenant PBX – Designed for landlords to provide PBX services to tenants in hosted office suites.

Voice Broadcasting

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