Multi-Tenant PBX

The Star2Billing Multi-Tenant Office PBX is aimed at managed or hosted office suites where many businesses occupy rented office suites and require an office telephone system, which can be coupled with the landlord provided receptionist service.

Diagram of Multi-Tenant PBX

The Multi-Tenant PBX system blends the A2Billing Switch and billing platform with popular PBX software using virtualisation to isolate one business’s system from another with simple web based configuration.

The Star2billing Multi-tenant PBX is installed on either one or two servers and is generally located on the landlord’s premises.



Provide PBX services to office tenants and enjoy a revenue stream from PBX rental and phone calls.


System Integrators

IP-PBX systems integrators can provide Multi-Tenant PBX systems to landlords quickly and easily.

Core Features


  • Simple Configuration with intuitive interface
  • Add new PBX systems via a simple wizard within minutes
  • Supported for hosted answering services
  • Revenue stream for PBX services
  • Set rates for inbound and outbound calls
  • Connect to existing PSTN lines
  • Emergency Services support with connection to PSTN


  • The blowfish effect, appear bigger than you are
  • Low investment cost for PBX.
  • Full range of PBX features:
  • IVR system
  • Voicemail and Voicemail to Email
  • Time conditions and ring groups
  • Simple Interface
  • Follow me and call transfers
  • Call Conferencing

Products to consider

Consider a Star2Billing Multi-tenant PBX System providing a revenue stream for landlords and comprehensive PBX services for tenants.

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For value added service providers who want to provide hosted PBX systems via the Internet to the general business public, please see Hosted PBX Systems.

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