IP-Centrex: Hosted PBX for Resale.

Ip Centrex Hosted PBX

IP-Centrex Hosted PBX

Star2Billing have developed an IP-Centrex system blending components such as Virtualisation, A2Billing and A PBX together to provide a full featured hosted PBX system, with billing capabilities. Our IP-Centrex system is now one of our most popular products.

Hosted PBX systems can be rented to customers, and calls inbound and outbound from each instance of the PBX can be billed.

New PBX systems can be created in a couple of minutes, and once the trunks are configured, they can be handed over to the customer for configuration. Alternatively, the PBX can be configured for the customer and a charge made for the configuration and adds, moves and changes.

A2Billing can be installed on a separate system, and depending on the size of the deployment, a Single Server System, Enterprise and Enterprise Residential system may be used to terminate calls from the virtual PBX systems. In small deployments, A2Billing can be hosted as a virtual server on the host node. Calls from each PBX are terminated to A2Billing.

The number of PBX systems that can be hosted on one server depends on the hardware used. it is recommended that a powerful server be purchased with good I/O and plenty of memory. It is necessary that the server owner has direct access to the machine for the installation to install the Virtualised Operating System. Once installed, the entire system can be managed remotely via intuitive web based management interfaces.


As with most Star2Billing products, the software is free, we simply make a charge for installation, training and consultancy. You should budget for €3000 Euro for an installation of an IP-Centrex system, which includes the installation of the system, PBX templates with and without fax, and the installation of the A2Billing system, with basic training on the PBX and A2Billing, and limited ongoing support. Discounts can be given if there is prior knowledge of either the PBX or A2Billing on the basis of a reduced training requirement.

For more details, see our IP-Centrex solution, and for individual pricing, please contact us.