CMS Integration

CMS Integration

CMS stands for Content Management System, and allows someone inexperienced in web development to quickly create good looking websites from an initial template of the customer’s choice, and to quickly add, change and remove content via a simple to use web interface.

Star2Billing tested many CMS systems, looking for the most simple to use, and most supported CMS system we could find. WordPress was the answer.

Star2Billing have integrated the Customer Portal into WordPress, so that the portal becomes part of the overall website, and the portal inherits elements of the look and feel of the underlying template making the Telco’s website and customer portal look “joined up”.

Additionally, Star2Billing have produced a WordPress plugin to allow the rates to be displayed directly from the underlying A2Billing database, with search and filtering functionality.


These plugins are both licensed under the AGPL, however we make a charge for the plugins but include the installation and integration work. Our charges of €1500 Euro  cover the following elements:-


  1. Installation of WordPress.
  2. Purchase of customer’s chosen template.
  3. Integration into A2Billing.
  4. 8 hours support to include training on WordPress, support, and customisation of the template.


The customer is responsible for their own content.

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