Softphones for smartphones

Usage of smartphones such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone now exceed the usage of feature phones, so installation of a softphone is simple and can be used to bypass the potentially expensive costs of your cellphone operator, particularly for international calling and avoiding roaming charges.

Soft-phones can be installed on smartphones and calls can be made via a 3G or Wifi network using a voice over internet protocol such as SIP or IAX.


Value for Money

Make international calls from any suitable Internet connection without paying roaming charges.

Bring Your Own Device

Support for almost every smartphone, tablet and PC or laptop.

Easy Provisioning

Phones can be installed and configured from a QR code or downloaded and configured manually.

Flexible Feature Set

Add and remove features to either simplify the softphone or to add extra functionality.

Core Features

Branded – Softphones can be branded to your name and logo.

Contacts Integration – integrated with the address book for simple dialling.

Auto-provisioning – Installed and provisioned via a QR code.

Balance Display – Display of available balance from A2Billing

Flexible Design – Flexible look and feel of the interface.

Codec Support – As standard, G711 and optionally g729

Protocol – SIP and IAX2

Products to Consider

Star2billing have partnered with a Softphone development company with many years of experience who will work with you to design the perfect phone for your customer base.

Contact us with your requirements and we will arrange a quote and assist you to integrate your softphone with A2Billing.

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