Star2Billing Products

Star2Billing have created a number of telecoms related products providing a range of solutions to telecommunication companies, telephone marketing, market research, political polling and other telco related sectors.

A2Billing Switch

A full featured class 5 switch with inline billing to provide VoIP, DID Resale, Calling Card and Callback services.



A multi-tenant mass SMS and Voice broadcasting platform used for marketing, appointment reminders, and dissemination of information by phone.



A reverse emergency broadcasting platform using phone and SMS to warn and alert people to dangers, but can also be used for more mundane notifications such as school closures and general community information both via phone and SMS.



A telecoms call data record analysis application designed for CDR mediation, analysis, reporting, and call rating.


Multi-Tenant PBX

Designed for landlords that want to provide PBX services within their own suite of hosted offices, and also allows the landlord to provide receptionist services.


Hosted PBX

The Hosted PBX solution is designed for telcos and VARs (Value Add Resellers) who wish to provide hosted PBX services  or virtual PBX systems to the general business public.


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