A Billing mediation platform is used to convert call data records from a range of telecoms platforms and converted from their proprietary format into a normalized form which can be analysed, compared and imported to a rating engine.



CDR Analysis

Search and analyse CDR


Collect CDR from a variety of disparate switch systems



Convert from proprietary formats to a standard format.


Identify call destination.

Core Features

  • Flexibility – Potential to support almost all CDR formats
  • Automatic Import – Import CDR in realtime
  • Manual Import – Import CDR manually from third party platforms
  • Analysis Tools – Identify patterns and trends
  • CDR Separation – Group CDR by customer
  • Multi-Tenant Web Interface – Simple-to-use web interface supporting multiple tenants.

Products to consider

Consider CDR-Stats, Star2Billing’s CDR mediation, analysis and fraud detection platform, introducing rating.

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