Emergency Broadcasting Platform

Emerzia is a reverse emergency broadcasting platform using phone and SMS to warn and alert people to dangers, but can also be used for more mundane notifications such as school closures and general community information both via phone and SMS.

How Emerzia Works

  1. The customer signs up online for one or more alert types, or contacts can be imported from a third party application.
  2. Emerzia operator designs and sends the voice or SMS alert notification using the simple web interface.
  3. Realtime reporting as to the progress of the alert with detailed statistics.


Mass Emergency broadcasting

High speed and high capacity calling

Outbound Call Conferencing

Quickly and easily bring everyone together for discussion over the phone.

SMS broadcasting

Send messages to cell-phones using SMS

Phone Polling, surveys and voting

Dual function, when not emergency broadcasting poll your community

Core Features

  • Flexible IVR System – build complex IVR trees to collect and record information
  • High Capacity – tested at 1 million calls in under 5 hours.
  • Voicemail Detection – Detect voicemail and drop the message in after the beep
  • Realtime Reporting – Capacity monitoring and other other key indicators.
  • Scalable – Multi-server architecture available for very high capacity.
  • Adaptive Web pages – Manage the system from a range of devices
  • User Friendly – Intuitive web based customer and management interfaces.
  • API integration – Integrate with other systems
  • SMS and Voice – Supports SMS and Voice broadcasting
  • Contact Acquisition – Web sign-up page to allow contacts to sign-up
  • Commercial Support – Bug fix guarantee and support

Product to consider

Consider the Emerzia voice broadcasting system optimised for emergency broadcasting to get the message out quickly and reliably.

Click to find out more about the Emerzia Emergency Voice Broadcasting System

Click to find out more about the Emerzia Emergency Voice Broadcasting System