Hosted PBX

Star2Billing’s Hosted PBX system is designed for telecoms companies and VARs (Value Add Resellers) who wish to provide hosted PBX services to their customers.  
Diagram of The Star2billing Hosted PBX
We have blended PBX application software, a virtualisation server and added security enhancements to provide a stable and secure hosted PBX platform, which is easy to use and administer.


VARs & Telecoms Companies

Provide PBX services over the Internet to the general business public, and enjoy a revenue stream from PBX rental, telephone number resale and phone calls.


Enjoy enterprise standard PBX services supporting geographically distributed employees with little or no capital outlay.

Core Features

VAR & Telecoms Company Benefits

  • Simple Configuration with intuitive interface
  • Add new PBX systems via a simple wizard within minutes
  • Revenue stream for PBX services
  • Revenue stream from DID resale
  • Revenue Stream for outbound calls
  • Optional revenue stream from PBX adds, moves and changes.

Customer Benefits

  • The blowfish effect, customer seems bigger than they are
  • Low or zero investment.
  • Full range of PBX features:
    • IVR system
    • Voicemail and Voicemail to Email
    • Time conditions and ring groups
    • Simple Interface
    • Follow me and call transfers
    • Call Conferencing

Products to consider

Consider a Star2Billing Hosted PBX System providing a revenue stream for Value Add Resellers, and comprehensive PBX services for the general business public.

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