The SSL Store contacted us to see if we could help them with contacting their customers to renew their certificates.

The SSL Store is a premium SSL service provider offering certificates at discounted prices along with support.

The SSL Store Logo

The problem is that the Google Chrome web browser will not be accepting any Symantec certificates from the middle of April onwards, so any website secured with a Symantec SSL certificate will need to be renewed.

The SSL Store are not only emailing their customers, but phoning them as well using Newfies-Dialer to deliver a pre-recorded message explaining the problem. The customer is invited to press 1 to speak to an agent who can organise their new certificate.

The SSL Store Call Flow

The SSL Store’s customers are worldwide, so we needed to help them find a carrier who could carry their traffic. We also gave some assistance to sanitise their data so that it was in the right format for uploading.

The SSL Store have had good results with contacting their customers, and expect that the vast majority of their customers will have updated their SSL certificates before the deadline.

For a demo of Newfies-Dialer, or for more information, please contact us at [email protected]