Reseller Edition

A2Billing Reseller Edition

Natively, A2Billing supports the concept of Agents. Agents are people who sell your products, on your behalf, for which they receive commission on sales. A2Billing in its standard form manages and supports this concept.

However, there are times when you wish to provide for resellers. Resellers are people who will manage their customers, providing them with the products and rates to suit his own market.

In order to achieve this, the Reseller is supplied with his own copy of A2Billing, which is configured to pass all the calls through to a master copy of A2Billing, and the reseller billed for calls at wholesale rates.

However, the traffic from a new reseller in the early days may not justify a dedicated server to carry their traffic, so Star2Billing can provide a virtualised system, with each reseller having their own virtual  platform , with all resellers sharing the same hardware, hich passes traffic to the wholesaler.

The Reseller Edition can be combined with the IP-Centrex product to provide both hosted billing systems and hosted PBX systems on the same hardware.

As with the IP-Centrex edition, a range of public IP addresses needs to be assigned to the virtual server, and a public IP address is required for each and every instance of the Virtual A2Billing solution.


As with most Star2Billing products, the software is free, we simply make a charge for installation, training and consultancy. You should budget for a cost of €2000 Euro for the installation of the Reseller Edition, which includes basic training and limited ongoing support. However these costs may be reduced if you have knowledge of A2Billing.

The A2Billing basic training package and video can be licensed for re-distribution to train new resellers.

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