A2Billing Managed Install

Star2Billing S.L. have bundled installation, training, support and consultancy to provide a secure and stable Standalone A2Billing Class5 softswitch to allow telecoms companies to quickly enter the telecoms market with a range of VoIP, Calling Card and Callback telecoms products.

You provide own hardware, public IP address and VoIP origination and termination; alternatively you can rent a hosted root server from Star2Billing S.L.

You install a basic operating system, we recommend Ubuntu LTS (LTS stands for Long Term Support), then we log in remotely to build and configure your system.

Installation usually takes place within one working day of payment and access to the server.

Initial training and familiarisation is provided by a one hour training video with documentation and examples, that shows, click by click, how to set up your A2Billing class 5 softswitch. Topics such as VoIP termination, Calling card services, and DID delivery and customer accounting are covered in detail.

Consultancy and Installation Services:

Most of our customers require parts one and two spread over the course of a few days. During this period we will: –

Part 1:

  • Assess your requirements
  • Discuss the services you intend to offer.
  • Make hardware and Server hosting recommendations.
  • Remotely install and build A2Billing onto your hardware.
  • Make a basic configuration, ready to build your services.
  • Overview and basic familarisation of the system.

Part 2:

  • Assist you with product design and development.
  • Help you build the Services, Rate Tables and billing.
  • Teach you how to build new services.
  • Maintenance and Management of A2Billing.
  • Introductions, where appropriate to Carriers, DID suppliers and other suppliers for value added services.
  • Ongoing best effort email support for a limited period.

If you take both parts together, budget for €1000 Euro, including 8 hours support. With your first set of services installed, you could be ready to do business with the capacity to give you your return on investment (ROI) in a very short space of time.

For those on a limited budget, we can offer part one only for €600 Euro, which includes installation and basic training, but reduced ongoing support. However, most people discover that by going with parts one and two, they can bring their products to market much quicker, thus enjoying an earlier ROI.

Please contact us with your requirements, or purchase directly via Paypal below.