Standalone Switch

The Single Server system is the most popular of the A2Billing Systems, especially for those entering VoIP for the first time. It is truly a “Telecom Business in a Box”.

Anyone wishing to become an Internet Phone Service Provider (ITSP), start a calling card business or become DID resale provider should consider A2Billing as an effective and low cost solution for their telecom needs.

All the components are installed on the same server, and the Star2Billing team add extra security and intrusion detection systems to ensure that the server is safe as it can be and the revenue is protected.

Single Server


The Single Server System can provide all of the features that should be required, and given the right hardware, could be capable of hundreds of concurrent calls, supporting thousands of customers, providing a variety of services. Services that can be provided by the A2Billing single server solution include :


In order to install A2Billing , we need remote access to a server with Ubuntu LTS  installed on it. This may be a hosted root server, one of our hosted servers, or a server installed on your own network.

Ideally, the server should be on a fixed public IP address on good quality synchronous broadband. You will need a VoIP termination provider, and DID supplier. Star2Billing can make recommendations, or you can take advantage of our own termination provided by Call-Labs.

Alternatively, the system can equipped with line cards to interface with the PSTN via PRI, BRI, analogue or GSM connections. We can assist in setting up the termination providers as part of our consultancy.


There are 4 main components to the A2Billing Switch. These are:

  • The Base operating system – Ubuntu LTS – chosen because of it’s long term support, conservative update policy, wide usage in telephony application, and its long life span for updates.
  • The Telephony Engine, Asterisk, which has been in existence for many years, and is solid, reliable and robust with good documentation and support.
  • A2Billing, The Billing and routing application which controls the underlying Telephony Engine. A2Billing is an application based on MySQL and PHP
  • Web Server, Apache based, again because of its security and stability.


The above items are all installed as part of our Managed Install, and this is the recommended method of getting up and running with A2Billing, and turning a profit in the shortest possible time, as our Managed Install Bundle includes installation, basic training, and optionally, support.

For more information, or to purchase a system, please contact us