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Newfies-Dialer Voice Broadcasting Platform

Star2Billing offer installation services, training, consultancy and software development to deploy Voice broadcasting, Auto dialer systems and outbound IVR services based on Newfies-Dialer.

Star2Billing’s Newfies-Dialer Platform does not just include the core components for voice broadcasting or an auto dialer system, but also includes other additions which go together to make the Newfies-Dialer Platform, such as enhanced security and monitoring and native support for multiple nodes to quickly and easily scale the system.


The Star2Billing team provide training on the Newfies-Dialer platform, from configuring gateways to make outbound calls, to helping you launch your first campaign using your auto dialer system. Ongoing support and training is provided as part of the installation.

Training is provided with online documentation, video training and one to one support over the phone, email, instant messaging and shared desktop as appropriate.


Star2Billing have had years of experience in telecoms and also benefit from the experiences of their existing customers, and can advise on deployment scenarios, technical aspects and Voice Application Design.

Software Development

One of the strengths of Newfies-Dialer is the flexible API’s that are included, this allows Newfies-Dialer Platform owners to integrate Newfies-Dialer into existing applications for automated outbound calling. Read more about software and application development.

Support Contracts

Commercial support contracts are available, giving customers the confidence to deploy Newfies-Dialer. Contract support customers enjoy benefits such as discounted application development and our Bug-Fix Guarantee. Read More

Newfies-Dialer Deployments

Newfies-Dialer can be deployed in two scenarios depending on the capacity required.

  • – Deployed on a single server, either hosted or in-house, and is capable of thousands of outbound calls per day, depending on the hardware and capacity of the telephony trunks available.
  • – Deployed In the cloud, with multiple telephony servers working together to make calls, with the potential to mass dial millions of contacts per day.

The type of Newfies-Dialer Platform chosen will depend on the number of concurrent outbound calls to be made and the voice application. Star2Billing can advise on which version of the Newfies-Dialer Platform is most suitable for your needs.

Costs of the Newfies-Dialer Platform

  • choose yourconfiguration

  • Training Package
  • Deployment Support
  • Enhanced Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Remote Node Monitoring
  • Discounted Development
  • Nodes
  • Automated Backup

Newfies-Dialer Hosting

We offer a turnkey hosted solution for Newfies-Dialer. Read More