Enterprise System

The Enterprise System is designed for those who need high capacity deployments of A2Billing. More telephony servers can be added as required to increase capacity at any time, all referring to the same underlying A2Billing database.

There is no load balancing element integral to the Enterprise system so it is assumed that load balancing is done by the underlying carrier. e.g. the PRI density of one Asterisk server is currently eight, although higher densities may be possible in the future; therefore if a capacity of 16 PRI is required, then second Asterisk server can be added, and the carrier can load balance the calls across multiple PRI.

Thus this system lends itself to high capacity calling card services, callback, traditional PSTN services, or where the administrator is prepared to manually load balance wholesale VoIP services.


The Enterprise System comprises of the following components.

  • 1 x Database server, which contains the A2Billing Database. This server should have good I/O and plenty of memory.
  • 1 x Web Server, which provides the Admin, Agent and Customer portals, and may also Telco’s website.
  • 1+ Asterisk servers, as many as are required to suit the capacity desired. Asterisk servers can be added to increase capacity.

Solutions Provided

  • Calling Card Solutions – A2Billing can be used to provide calling card products
  • Call-back – Call-back is traditionally used where the calls to international destinations are expensive, and it is cheaper to phone into the country, and present secondary dial-tone.
  • VoIP Termination (IP-PBX) – With the growth of IP PBX systems, many of which are freely available, A2Billing can be used to terminate and bill these calls.
  • VoIP Termination (Wholesale) – A2Billing can be scaled to terminate many concurrent calls from other switches.
  • DID Resale and delivery platform. – A2Billing can provide DID services and forward calls onto VoIP endpoints or to PSTN destinations, with DID billing.
  • Special Application Platform – A2Billing in conjunction with Asterisk has been used in many scenarios for special applications where there is a billing element. For instance delivering professional services over the phone to registered users, for which they pay.


As with most Star2Billing products, the software is free, we simply make a charge for installation, training and consultancy. The cost of installing this system depends on the desired capacity, and how many Asterisk servers are required. Discounts can be given to those with A2Billing experience on the basis of a reduced training and support requirement.

For more details on the Enterprise System, pricing and information, please contact us.