Phone Polling and Voting

Phone polling and voting is used by political organisations and communities to get the opinion of the population regarding both issues and candidates.

Polling Report

Many people can be called with an automated IVR and contacts return their answer using the phone keypad.


Political Research

Get the opinion of voters by phone


Product preferences and feedback

Data Gathering

Get data on a range of issues

Automated Polling

Using IVR to vote on issues

Public Bodies

Survey citizens on community issues

Customer Satisfaction

Rate satisfaction of goods, products and services.

Core Features

  • Realtime Results – Results written to the database on call completion
  • Redial – Call contacts again to ensure survey completion
  • Flexible IVR System – build complex IVR trees to collect and record information
  • High Capacity – tested at 1 million calls in under 5 hours.
  • Voicemail Detection – Detect voicemail and drop the message in after the beep
  • Realtime Reporting – Capacity monitoring and other other key indicators.
  • Scalable – Multi-server architecture available for very high capacity.
  • Adaptive Web pages – Manage the system from a range of devices
  • User Friendly – Intuitive web based customer and management interfaces.
  • API integration – Integrate with other systems
  • SMS and Voice – Supports SMS and Voice broadcasting
  • White-labeled – Put your own brand on it
  • Multi-User – Suitable for hosted SMS and Voice Broadcast service providers

Products to consider

For market research, surveying and opinion polls with detailed realtime reporting, consider the Newfies-Dialer Voice Broadcast system designed for capacity and speed, available in single server or multi-server configurations for very high capacity.

In addition to market research, Newfies-Dialer is also suited to product marketing by phone and SMS, press one live transfer campaigns and appointment reminders.

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