DID Resale

DID stands for Direct Inward Dialling, although the term DDI standing for Direct Dial In is used in the UK and some parts of Europe and Asia. A DID or DDI is in simple terms, a telephone number.

DID are purchased from one or more of the large wholesale DID providers and resold to customers. DID can be supplied from all over the world giving your customer commercial advantage of having local numbers in different parts of the world without the need to have a physical presence.

DID may be delivered via Voice over IP or via a TDM connection such as a T1 or E1. DID are then sold to customers, and forward to the customer either using VoIP or the public switched telephone network.


DID Resale

DID Resale

Selling DID is an excellent way of  assisting with customer retention and provides a profitable ongoing revenue stream.



Resell DID

Sell telephone numbers to your customers

Revenue Share

Revenue share number delivery and accounting



Sell toll-free or freephone numbers


Provide informational and recreational services via IVR and live person

Core Features

  • Monthly fixed charges deducted automatically.
  • Flexible per minute charging and connection fees.
  • A-Leg per minute charges.
  • Revenue Share Number accounting.
  • Automatic de-provisioning for non payment.


  • On-net calls free to operator.
  • Simple per minute and connection charges for on-net calls.
  • Online purchase and provisioning via online customer portal.
  • Failover to alternative VoIP or PSTN destinations.


Products to consider

The A2Billing Switch is a full featured VoIP and DID resale platform with the flexibility to create a range of DID products and services and can be installed on a single server to allow hundreds of concurrent calls, or on a multi-server system allowing almost unlimited numbers of concurrent calls.

The A2Billing Switch also supports VoIP, Calling Card and Call-back services.


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