VoIP Billing

A2Billing is a fully featured and flexible VoIP Billing system and termination platform which can provide one of the quickest and lowest cost entries to billing VoIP Customers that exists on the market today.

VoIP Billing Solutions

There are a number of sectors of the VoIP market. The main areas are :

  • Residential VoIP : providing flexible and feature rich phone services to residential customers over fixed and mobile broadband
  • IP-PBX Termination : Terminating calls from VoIP enabled Office PBX systems
  • Wholesale VoIP : Terminating calls from customer aggregating traffic from the above markets

A2Billing provides the VoIP Billing software for all of these markets, in both prepaid and postpaid configurations with very flexible billing, reporting, management and control, allowing A2Billing Administrators to create imaginative and profitable services to his customers.

As voice over IP becomes more and more accessible to all, so the entry barriers of becoming a VoIP Telco drop. Star2Billing have assisted hundreds of small companies to start telco businesses, as well as providing VoIP Billing Software to well established telecom companies who are moving into a new market of providing VoIP services.

VoIP Billing Softswitch

A2Billing is the software which when combined with a telephony engine, provides the  AAA (Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting)  for your customers. However, Star2Billing, adds a number of other elements to its product to provide a more rounded, easier to use, Softswitch Billing. The Star2Billing Softswitch, when built by us, is greater than the sum of its parts. These elements include high security, intrusion detection and detailed reporting on the capacity and health of the Softswitch.

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VoIP Billing Software Features

A2Billing works in conjunction with Asterisk, the underlying telephony engine, to ensure that customers can only make calls within their credit limit. There are numerous options for billing, from connection and disconnection charges, variable incremental billing as well as step charges based on the duration of the call. Furthermore there are options for packages of free minutes and free calls.

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Advance VoIP Billing Benefits

With the increase in simple installations and deployment of Voice over IP PBX systems, many PBX reseller companies and IT companies are realising there is an opportunity to enter this market. Although setting up the IP PBX is relatively simple for anyone with basic networking knowledge, VoIP billing is an area that can increase the potential profit of each PBX to provide an ongoing revenue stream. Additionally, fault-finding and reliability become easier as the administrator has sight of both sides of the connection, and is in control of the link from end to end.

Rating, Mediation and Fulfillment

Rating is the process by which the calls made by customers are given a cost which can be charged to the customer, either in a postpaid or prepaid configuration. In the case of postpaid services, an invoice has to be sent to the customer detailing the costs of the services they have enjoyed. This process is called mediation and fulfillment. A2Billing has the ability to create invoices that can also be customised to suit the requirements of the A2Billing Administrator.

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VoIP Fraud Management

Unfortunately, Fraud is prevalent in the telecoms industry, and victims can include both those running IP PBX systems as well as Softswitches. A2Billing has a number of reporting functions that can alert administrators when unusual call patterns are detected. Additionally the Star2Billing Softswitch solution adds a number of other intrusion detection systems actively blocking attacks on the A2Billing Platform.

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Sales and Customer Acquisition

Generally speaking, to be successful, telecoms companies need high volumes of traffic. The Star2Billing Softswitch provides a number of features to assist in the sales effort, including online signup and support for agent and affiliate marketing as well as detailed reporting on profit margins from call by call to profitability by service or product, aggregated by period.

A2Billing makes provision to run an Agent and Affiliate Network Sales Operation, where Agents and Affiliates sell products and services on behalf of The A2Billing Administrator, for which they receive commissions on sales. This is all managed via the A2Billing Management Interface.

Signup links can be placed on Affiliate and Agent websites, that will automatically attach new customers to the appropriate Agent or Affiliate Marketeer, ensuring that commissions are properly apportioned.

Furthermore, Agents have direct control over their customers and full visibility on customer activity to the degree desired by A2Billing Admin.

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Products to Consider

The Star2Billing VoIP Softswitch Solution is truly a VoIP business in a box, with most of the tools required to start a VoIP Telco business, simply add origination, termination and most importantly, customers. Star2Billing can install its Softswitch within one working day of access to suitable hardware and is provided with a comprehensive online training course and resources which have been honed over a number of years to provide best results giving the quickest route from switch deployment to VoIP revenue generation.


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