Sales and Customer Acquisition

Sales & Customer Acquisition

Generally speaking, to be successful, telecoms companies need high volumes of traffic. The Star2Billing Softswitch provides a number of features to assist in the sales effort, including online sign up and support for agent and affiliate marketing as well as detailed reporting on profit margins from call by call to profitability by service or product, aggregated by period.

A2Billing makes provision to run an Agent and Affiliate Network Sales Operation, where Agents and Affiliates sell products and services on behalf of The A2Billing Administrator, for which they receive commissions on sales. This is all managed via the A2Billing Management Interface.

Signup links can be placed on Affiliate and Agent websites, that will automatically attach new customers to the appropriate Agent or Affiliate Marketeer, ensuring that commissions are properly apportioned. Furthermore, Agents have direct control over their customers and full visibility on customer activity to the degree desired by A2Billing Admin.

Other sales tools include bulk emails that can be configured to send mails to all customers, or to a subset of customers. These can be used to up-sell products to existing customers. A2Billing can easily be grown to cope with hundreds of thousands of customers, and hundreds of concurrent calls.

Signing up online is not the only method of provisioning customers, they can also be added via a simple phone call. If the caller ID is captured, and it does not exist in the system, then a new account can be added, and some credit added to the account to allow the customer to test the service. Once provisioned, the customer can log on to the UI and add credit via your payment processor, or they can purchase vouchers online and top up their account via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

A2Billing gives a variety of options which, in many cases, are only limited by the imagination of the A2Billing Administrator.

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