VoIP Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Unfortunately, Fraud is prevalent in the telecoms industry, and victims can include both those running IP PBX systems as well as Softswitches. A2Billing has a number of reporting functions that can alert administrators when unusual call patterns are detected. Additionally the Star2Billing Softswitch solution adds a number of other intrusion detection systems actively blocking attacks on the A2Billing Platform.

Star2Billing have years of experience of running VoIP Softswitch Systems and are conversant with most forms of fraud, and as such, are able to advise customers on how to avoid fraud and recognise the symptoms. Our A2Billing software is constantly being developed to combat fraud, and a Star2Billing Softswitch is trivial to upgrade to take advantage of the the new features and benefits; this can be done with little or no downtime.

The cost of fraud, and the necessity to place credit limits on traffic should not be underestimated. Consider the following calculation.

  • Calls to 44906… cost £3.00 GBP per minute of which the owner of the number may receive say £2.50 GBP
  • A reasonably specified office IP-PBX should be able to manage 200 concurrent calls.
  • Cost per minute equals £600 GBP per minute netting the fraudster £500 GBP per minute.
  • Hourly cost, £36,000 GBP, Daily cost, £864,000 which may put many companies out of business if they are unfortunate enough to be defrauded.

A brief search on the Internet will reveal many examples where companies have been defrauded, as well as tools to probe VoIP systems to identify vulnerabilities. The Star2Billing Softswitch adds protection to the platform to prevent this from happening. From the customer’s point of view, A2Billing’s credit limits assist in limiting the liability for the customer and for the A2Billing Administrator should your customer’s equipment be less secure than the Star2Billing Switch and suffer a hack.

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