Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale VoIP termination differs from other types of VoIP termination only in terms of volume and authentication methods, in that typically a large amount of traffic at a high rate of calls is being sent from a small number of customers such as other wholesale providers or call-centre and auto-dialer systems, so the focus is needs to be on throughput.

Diagram Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale customers usually authenticate on IP address or a 5 digit prefix, but other authentication methods are supported as well.



High capacity soft-switch handling large number of calls with a high CPS (Calls Per Second) with load balancing available, suitable for call-centres, auto-dialers and wholesale providers.


Scaleable system to add more capacity as and when required, with historical statistics to indicate soft-switch performance.

Flexible authentication

Variety of authentication methods to suit nearly all third-party soft-switch and IP-PBX systems including IP, prefix, username and secret.


Compatible with most IP PBX and Switch manufacturers and traffic can be delivered via both PRI (T1 / E1) and SIP carriers which has been tested with major tier one and tier two VoIP carriers.

Core Features

  • Flexible charging options including connection and disconnection charges and stepped billing
  • Package minutes, with free calls or minutes to selected destinations
  • Least cost routing via the cheapest carrier
  • Carrier failover
  • Set Trunk capacity limits
  • Online customer portal
  • Online sign-up as standard
  • DID resale with online purchase, monthly and per minute billing
  • Email low balance notifications
  • Caller ID delivery and manipulation
  • Flexible authentication methods
  • Optional limiting concurrent calls per customer
  • Customer grouping for easier management and control
  • Commission agent support
  • Detailed reporting and statistics.
  • Scaleable
  • Load balancing with multi-server systems
  • Auto-Failover with multi-server systems

Products to consider

The A2Billing Switch is a full featured wholesale switch and inline billing platform with the capacity to provide wholesale VoIP services to customers and can be installed on a single server to allow hundreds of concurrent calls, or on a multi-server system allowing almost unlimited numbers of concurrent calls and very high CPS.

The A2Billing Switch supports VoIP, DID resale, Calling card and call-back services.

Click to find out more about The A2Billing Switch and to purchase installation, training and deployment support.

Click to find out more about The A2Billing Switch