Version 2.1 of A2Billing is released.

We have released a new version of A2Billing, fixing a number of bugs and updated some libraries.

We remind anyone who is running earlier versions of A2Billing prior to version 2.0 that an upgrade to this latest version is required as a matter of urgency for both security and operational reasons, and an upgrade advisable for anyone running later versions.

In recent months, we also released a Flask based API located at for adding and editing customers. An installation script is included for Ubuntu 14.04.

For those providing VoIP services, we have worked with a third party to provide custom branded softphones for smartphones, there are more details at

We offer installation, training, upgrade, support and hosting services for A2Billing and our other products, CDR-Stats and Newfies-Dialer. Please see our new look website at or contact us for more details.




Areski, Joe and the Star2Billing Team.