Star2Billing have developed an extensible API for A2Billing to allow third party programs and websites to manage elements of A2Billing.

Management of customers and customer groups is currently supported by the API, and allows a third party program or website to:

  • Add New
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Get All
  • Get One With Filter

A2Billing API Admin Interface

An example of the API to add a new customer could be:

curl -u username:password –dump-header – -H “Content-Type:application/json” -X POST –data ‘{“name”: “mygroup”, “description”: “”}’ http://localhost:8008/api/card/

The API comes with a web interface and is easily installed using the included script which currently supports Ubuntu LTS 14.04 but could be installed on almost any operating system.

For the technical; the A2Billing API is free and open source, licensed under the MPLv2 and is being developed at It is a RESTful API implemented with Flask and Python and includes comprehensive documentation.

Star2Billing can provide an installation services on new and existing servers as well as quote for development to allow the API to control other features and functions of A2Billing.

Please contact us for more details.