Newfies-Dialer Installation and Training

Each deployment is different, and therefore the costs vary. There are two components to the cost of the Newfies-Dialer Platform.

  • The cost of Installation Training and Support on your servers.
  • Development costs of Voice Applications and integration with third party applications. The cost of this will be assessed after the scope of the development is agreed. Star2Billing quote fixed costs for development, and software is generally released as Open Source.

The cost of a Newfies-Dialer Platform installed on your single server, bundled with the above mentioned voice applications, with training and 8 hours support, will be €2500 Euro. Costs of extra-software development to link with third party applications, or to develop voice applications will be quoted separately.

Where extensive investigation is required to integrate say third party applications before installation of the Newfies-Dialer, then a charge may be made which will be set against the future cost of development.

Installation usually commences within one working day of payment and access to the server.