Newfies-Dialer Application Development

One of the strengths of Newfies-Dialer is the flexible API’s that are included, this allows Newfies-Dialer Platform owners to integrate Newfies-Dialer into existing applications for automated outbound calling. The Star2Billing Software Development team can work with vendors and in-house technical staff to interface the Newfies-Dialer Platform into a wide range of existing applications.

Each Newfies-Dialer Platform deployment is different, serving different needs and requirements. Again the Star2Billing Development Team are on hand to discuss, advise and create a software specification then go on to develop your chosen voice application.

The Newfies-Dialer Platform is supplied with some voice applications as standard, which can easily be modified. These include: A simple play message on answer, and hangup, play message on answer, then pass the call to a pre-determined SIP destination, for instance a queue on an IP-PBX, and finally, an automated voice conferencing solution to automatically call people in a phone book, and on answer, place them in a conference.

With custom development, more complex and extensive voice applications can be designed and built by Star2Billing. Please contact us with your ideas.