Newfies-Dialer Standalone Platform

Star2Billing have Combined Newfies-Dialer with a number of other packages to create the Newfies-Dialer Platform, a highly secure and stable autodialer system installed on your own hardware. The Newfies-Dialer platform has been security hardened to allow direct connection to the internet and also includes server monitoring software and backup software.

Enhanced Security

Star2Billing’s Newfies-Dialer Platform also includes security software for log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, root-kit detection, real-time alerting and active response using the firewall, so that Newfies-Dialer administrators can be confident about deploying Newfies-Dialer on the open Internet in either IPV4 or IPV6 networks.

Server Statistics

In addition, web based performance monitoring graphs are included in the installation, helping administrators to monitor the loads of the platform including historical data to ensure that the hardware and services are not unduly stressed, and Newfies-Dialer Admin has clear indications when to scale up (or down) his system.


Hardware requirements for the Newfies-Dialer will depend on the number of concurrent calls required. We would suggest that an absolute minimum for a single server would be 2Gb of RAM, a modern 64 bit processor, and RAID1 hard drives. Our recommended operating system is Ubuntu LTS 64 bit server.


The Newfies-Dialer Platform uses a single server architecture. The total capacity for a Newfies-Dialer Platform will depend on the characteristics of each individual deployment, and only by benchmarking the actual installation can the total theoretical capacity be determined. The likely result will probably be many thousands of calls per day, and hundreds of simultaneous calls. The Newfies-Dialer Platform comes installed with good metrics to easily determine system loads. If capacity is reached, then consider upgrading to an Enterprise System with a multi-server architecture.


Training on Newfies-Dialer and the other packages is included provided by our training materials, email, phone and IM as appropriate. Training support is provided for one month after install.Once installed, there are no further costs in terms of licensing or rental.

Support Contracts

Commercial support contracts are available, giving customers the confidence to deploy Newfies-Dialer. Contract support customers enjoy benefits such as discounted application development and our Bug-Fix Guarantee. Read More


There are no further costs in terms of licensing or rental. Please purchase via the Paypal link below, or contact us for bank transfer details. Installation usually takes place within one working day of payment and access to the server.

Cost : €1000 Euro