A Calling Card Business with A2Billing

A2Billing is a class 5 switch with inline billing designed for running a calling card business.

Calling Card and Phone Card businesses are very popular to make low cost international phone calls from payphones, landline and cell-phones.

The customer calls a local access number and is prompted for a PIN or recognised on the basis of their caller ID (CID). Typically, the customer’s balance is read out, and then the customer is prompted for the number they wish to call. The call is made, and the balance on the phone card or calling card is decremented.

The A2Billing platform also supports other services that can be run on run on the same platform, such as VoIP, using PC to phone, physical phone, IP-PBX termination; Call-Back services, and DID resale.

The calling card is a well known product in telecommunications, and can be used in almost any country around the world where an access number can be supplied. The calling card can be physical or virtual.

A physical phone calling card is a printed card containing printed information including the access number, PIN number and how to use it. The same information can be disseminated via the A2Billing customer web interface as well.

The calling card carries a limit on maximum use, and when the credit is used, then the phone card can be discarded or topped up using a voucher.

A2Billing supports agents, resellers and affiliate marketing methods for all its calling card products, and A2Billing has a powerful set of rating and billing features to build a profitable calling card and phone card business.

Consider a Single Server Managed Install, which will give provide you with a stable and secure switch, with training and optionally, ongoing support. Alternatively contact us for more information.