DID Resale and Delivery Platform

A2Billing can be used to terminate DID (Telephone Numbers) to customers either via Voice of IP, or via the PSTN. Calls that are delivered via the PST are charged to the customer at that rate set for the destination.

DID are widely available from wholesaling companies that will sell DID, terminated via VoIP that originate all over the world. Alternatively, DID can be delivered to the A2Billing platform via digital circuits such as T1 and E1 circuits.

A2Billing will make a monthly charge for the DID, and if the charge is not met, then the DID can be released automatically from the customer.

In addition A2Billing has the capability to bill the A-Leg or ingress on a DID. So for instance, where you want to resell toll-free DID to your customers, you can place an A Leg charge on the ingress leg, and add it to the B-Leg, the egress charge.

This feature is made all the more flexible to account for resale of premium rated and revenue share numbers. Negative rates can be put in, which means that customers can accrue credit each time that someone calls their revenue share number, and at the same time make a charge for the B-Leg or egress leg if the call is delivered over the PSTN.

On Net calls from customer to another DID on the A2Billing system are free of carrier cost, however, a per minute charge and /or connection charge can be made to customers calling internal DID.

DID Resale

Features and Benefits

  • Monthly fixed rental charges deducted automatically.
  • Automatic de-provisioning for non payment.
  • Limit of concurrent calls per customer for delivery via SIP
  • Failover to the PSTN or other VoIP destination
  • Delivery to the PSTN charged to the customer at their rate.
  • Can support the Commercial A2Billing Voice-mail product.
  • Up to 5 fail-over destinations
  • Fixed IP address not required for registered VoIP endpoints.
  • Customer can purchase and provision DID on-line via customer portal
  • Reporting and statistics on DID usage.
  • On Net calls free to operator.
  • Simple per minute and connection charges can be applied to on-net calls
  • A Leg billing, apply an ingress charge or credit each time the DID is called.

Products to Consider:

DID resale can be used with any of the other products that A2Billing can be configured to supply, such as IP-PBX termination and Residential VoIP.

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DID Resale