We are pleased to announce the release of A2Billing 1.4.4. There are a number of new features and improvements to existing features:-

1. Export LCR – there is now the option from the Admin, Reseller and Customer screens to export the whole call plan to a text file using the LCR rules, and send them onto your customers. Additionally, minor changes have been made to the file format of the export file to make it easier to manage in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

2. 1.4 saw the release of Agent functionality, which has been highly popular, and as such, we have devoted some more time to it in this release. The management of commissions is much improved with options to add commissions to the Agent balance, or to withdraw the balance for payment to a bank account.

3. We have also removed all the branding of Star2Billing and A2Billing from the Customer interface, one reason being that we do get a number of calls and emails from your customers who are having problems!

4. Another reason for the above step is that as A2Billing becomes more popular, and being used as the main VoIP Billing switch in many new and established telecommunication companies, we are seeing a number people who are taking A2Billing and passing it off as their own product, with little, if any, contribution back to the A2Billing project, either in terms of funding, sponsorship or code contribution. So we have created a mechanism whereby those who want to rebrand A2Billing Admin and Agent interfaces as their own, possibly for commercial reasons, can do so without contravening the AGPL. For more information see http://www.star2billing.com/licensing

Star2Billing offers consultancy, installation and training to help Telecom Companies deploy A2Billing in a number of configurations depending on the products to be brought to market, so that the company can concentrate on their core business of marketing telecom services, and let us deal with the technology.

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