Asterisk2Billing is proud to release the latest version of A2Billing 1.4 in beta at We urge you to download and install it and see all the new features which we hope in turn provide benefits resulting in greater margins and profitability for all our customers.

There are some excellent new features in the new version including the much requested commission agent or reseller functionality, re-designed invoicing, and a raft of other features, as well as efficiency savings made to the underlying database, which will increase the scalability of A2Billing. For more details see the git logs at :

We have also slightly altered the direction of A2Billing to cater for the increasing number of customers who are using A2Billing to provide VoIP termination and origination such as DID resale to businesses using IP PBX systems, as well as those offering wholesale termination. We have now included better invoicing, company information, and a basic trouble ticket tracker as well as making the system more user friendly for the staff that have to manage your customers. Naturally, A2Billing is still a very competent calling card platform.

We have also done a lot of integration work with Opensips (Openser) to increase the scalability of the system, and OpenSIPS can now integrate seamlessly with A2Billing to provide load balancing, NAT traversal and failover, which is of particular relevance to those providing VoIP services to the residential market.

We have put a guide to install A2Billing on either CentOS and Debian on the Wiki at :

We need as many eyes as possible to look at it so that this release can be the best ever; and talking of best ever, Alberto Escudero-Pascual from is writing the documentation right now, so we fully expect that to be of the highest quality based on the work we have seen him do in the past.

To coincide with the release of A2Billing 1.4 final release in a few weeks time, after the beta testing and release candidate stages, we are

Star2Billing is the commercial arm of Asterisk2Billing, and has been created to supply professional install, support and consultancy services to A2Billing, which we hope will mean that any Telecoms Company can consider the A2Billing Soft Switch alongside the traditional offerings for TDM and VoIP switches.

There will be Distributor, Reseller and Agent schemes for Star2Billing yet to be announced. During these credit crunch times, Commercial Open Source Telephony has become a very popular option amongst companies according to a recent Eastern Management Group Report.

For now, we hope that you will download the Beta version of A2Billing 1.4, test it and comment on it, so that when we release the final version it will be of the highest possible commercial quality.

Yours truly,
Areski and the A2Billing Team