A2Billing 1.7.1 has been released this evening. This is a minor upgrade, along with a an enhancement to the IVR for playing the cost per minute.

The main differences are:-

1. As Yahoo finance changed something at their end, currency updates failed on all versions of A2Billing – This version re-instates currency updates.

2 Update to the way that the rate per minute is played, you can now opt to play the value in cents rather than in Dollars or Euro, e.g. seven point five cents, rather than zero Euro and seven cents. This feature was kindly sponsored by Fiaz Ahmed of Rajco Communication GmbH in Germany. Our thanks go to him.

If you are using multiple currencies in your operation, we would advise that you upgrade to this version. We would also advise anyone running version 1.3.4 or earlier to upgrade. if you need commercial assistance to upgrade then Star2Billing would be happy to assist.