It has been a while since we have last posted, but that is not a reflection on the work that has been going on here. We have been very busy with new development on A2Billing and our other projects.

Version 1.8.5 of A2Billing has been released over one month ago, and this includes a fantastic new feature long awaited in A2Billing. A Leg Billing.

A2Billing now has the capability to bill the ingress link or A-Leg on a DID. So for instance, where you want to resell toll-free DID to your customers, you can now place an ingress charge on the inbound leg and add it to the B-Leg, or egress charge.

We have made this new feature even more flexible to account for resale of premium rated and revenue share numbers. We allow negative rates to be entered, which means that customers can accrue credit each time that someone calls their premium rated number.

We have moved our development onto Github, where we are in very good company with such open source projects as Android, the Open Source Mobile Phone Operating System. All future A2Billing development will take place here, and you can easily see the progress being made on the Github interface.

The latest version of A2Billing, 1.8.5 can now be downloaded from Github .

Also released is CDR-Stats 1.2.0, which includes some bug fixes, and we have included a shell script to install CDR-Stats on CentOS based FreePBX systems.

As we start 2011, we look forward to telling you about the new projects and products we have in development over the coming months.


The Star2Billing Team