Version 1.9.4 of the A2Billing Softswitch was released yesterday. As the numbering suggests, this is a minor release to fix some small bugs. We strongly recommend that everyone should upgrade to the latest version of A2Billing, available from our community site.

We also remind you that A2Billing version 1.9, (Cuprum edition), added some exciting new features to the A2Billing Softswitch, not least, A-Leg billing giving A2Billing Administrators the opportunity to charge for the ingress leg of a DID, and add it to the cost of the B-Leg.

The A2Billing Softswitch is a flexible and capable DID resale platform with facilities not only to bill per minute for DID, e.g. for toll-free numbers, but can credit a customer’s account for Revenue Share Numbers.

This adds to the already long list of roles that A2Billing fulfil, including, but not limited to, calling card services, VoIP termination and billing for residential, business and wholesale markets and callback, all complete with flexible billing options, customer portal and online signup and payments.

Star2Billing, The Company that sponsors the A2Billing Project, provides details about Star2Billing’s products, services and solutions on its website at Costs for an entry level A2Billing Softswitch, bundled with training and support, can be found at

Areski, Joe, and the Star2Billing Team