As A2Billing enters its 7th year of providing its Open Source Switch and Billing system, version 1.9 has been released which includes a number of exciting new features.

One of the most important of the new features of A2Billing is A-Leg charging, that is to say billing per minute on the ingress leg of the call for DID resale and delivery.

The A-Leg features allow for a number of new products with flexible pricing that can easily be configured and marketed to your customers. For instance:

  • Geographic telephone numbers billed per minute in addition to a monthly rental.
  • Non-Geographic numbers Billed per minute, with a monthly rental, such as toll-free services.
  • Revenue Share numbers, with the ability to credit a customer’s account when those numbers are called.
  • On-net calling.
  • Voice conferencing service billed per user per minute.

Needless to say, there have been a number of bug fixes and security enhancements so we would urge you to upgrade. We have moved development onto Github, so you can follow our work at

Upgrades on the systems previously installed by us are quick and easy, so if you want to upgrade, then please contact us for pricing. For those wanting a commercial install with training and, optionally, ongoing support, may wish to consider our Managed Install Bundle as described at


Areski & Joe, and the rest of The Star2Billing Team