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Since Star2Billing’s inception in 2009, initially formed to provide commercial support and installation services for its open source switch and billing system, A2Billing (, we created a range of other products either by blending A2Billing with other open source products as in the case of our popular multi-tenant hosted PBX system, or built innovative new products such as CDR-Stats ( to analyse call data records and Newfies-Dialer ( for voice broadcasting and autodialling.

A2Billing is a probably the leading open source telecom billing solution and its capabilities and features rival many proprietary systems and has been described as “a business in a box” capable of providing wholesale, business and residential VoIP services, calling card, call-back and DID resale. Anyone just starting out might consider our A2Billing Managed Install described at

Greater capacity can be provided by building a distributed system with Opensips to load balance calls across multiple telephony servers, consider the Enterprise systems described at

Our Hosted PBX or IP-Centrex system is one of our more popular products, blending A2Billing, FreePBX and virtualisation to provide a scalable multi-tenant PBX system at an economical cost. To read more about this, see

Our clients include large and small scale telcos all over the world, we have also delivered projects, for local and national government and educational establishments including a notable university, on time and on budget.
Popular products :

– Calling Card Solutions:

– Call-back:

– VoIP Termination Residential:

– VoIP Termination IP-PBX:

– Wholesale VoIP:

– IP-Centrex:

– Multi-tenant PBX system:

– Voice Broadcasting and Auto-Dialer:

For more information about Star2Billing’s products and services, please see or contact us at [email protected]

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