Star2Billing are pleased to announce the release of CDR-Stats 1.3

CDR-stats is a replacement for Asterisk-Stats, first released over eight years ago by Areski, The Author of CDR-Stats. Anyone who has used the Call Data Reports in FreePBX will be familiar with Asterisk-Stats as this forms the core of CDR reporting in FreePBX.

CDR-Stats allows reports to be generated in different formats over varying time periods with filters and graphs to compare periods of traffic.

Version 1.3 of CDR-Stats includes a number of enhancements such as providing ACL access to CDR so that users can be controlled in what they are allowed to see. There is more information, screen prints and instructions at

Many of the FreePBX aggregations do not implement ACL access, so if a PBX administrator wants to give access to users to inspect the PBX CDR, then access to the whole PBX is unavoidable, therefore installing CDR-Stats alongside an existing system will allow users to analyse their CDR without compromising the rest of the configuration.

A script to install CDR-Stats on CentOS / Asterisk / FreePBX or Asterisk-Stats systems has been included to make installation quick and easy for users of AsteriskNow, Trixbox, Elastix, and PBX in a Flash.

We invite you to download and install CDR-Stats. If you have any difficulties, or need assistance with the installation, then commercial support is available from Star2Billing.


Areski, Joe and the Star2Billing Team